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A fight!


I forgot something. All of my crew live on the Gilded Sham (the rent is quite
nice--free! I own the damnable pile of sea-rot!). Naturally, this leads to some
interesting exchanges between crew-persons.

Arumentus Constantine, who is of Latin descent and reeks of garlic, that horrid
poison herb, was speaking loftily about the benefits of regular colonic
hydrotherapy, something of which I have, thankfully, scant knowledge.

He has talking to one of my Minor Sailors, Peg. Peg is man of dubious history, mainly because he has a peg head, two glass eyes, a hook hand, and two peg legs.
Peg is a quiet man, who usually keeps to himself, but he is handy aboard a ship.
At least, that's the impression I get.

So, Argumentus and Peg were talking about colonic hydrotherapy, which is
something, I have already mentioned, I have almost no knowledge of. I believe the argument was about the type of equipment used in such an intimate endeavor as
this, but I am not certain.

What I am certain of is the result: fisticuffsmanship! Aboard my sweet vessel!
Utterly unheard of! Except that once, when that other guy was drunk and his
what's-his-face! That was excusable; there were extenuating circumstances!

But this!

I watched for a while, slightly amused. In the tumult, the two brave fighters
managed to upturn my mug of sailor's grog, at which point the foolishness had
to end.

Since, Peg had that claw of a hand, and Argumentus was slightly larger than I,
I summoned Guy Francophone to aid me. With a great deal of gesticulating, I got
the point of what I wanted to do across to him.

Then, he ran away.

He came back, with some sort of apparatus in his hand. He aimed it at the
fighting pair and pulled the trigger with no obvious results. But, the gun
was doing something, for the combatants'' blows became weaker and weaker still
until they had simply fatigued.

Later, after an exceedingly long "conversation" with Francophone, I discovered
he was using a Positive Ion Ray Gun on Peg and Arguemntus. I was amazed. This
physicist will be an invaluable asset to my crew.
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