Captian Horatio Daisy Gustavus MacNiel Monaco (captain_monaco) wrote,
Captian Horatio Daisy Gustavus MacNiel Monaco

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Since returning from that shadow'd land beyond this mortal life for--what the third time now, I have taken inventory of those items what have been lefted behind for and/or by me.

My ship: Gone.

My crew: Gone, save Magellan Smythe and Argumentus Constantine. Both have been soused utterly the entire time, which pleased me to no end. Far less trouble can be caused by them in such a state.

My other Possessions: Mostly Gone. I have been spared the indignity of waking up from my torpor without certain modesty-giving garments.

My task now, it seems, is to find a Method by which I may procure certain Monies, which, in turn, verily, will allow me to purchase a New Ship with which I will hunt down my Old Ship, steal it back from those thieves, and sail two Ships to the Spice Islands to recover my expenses and make a bit of tuckee on the side.

Once Magellan has recovered from his stupor--this may take a week, we shall consult as the most speedy method of Money Procurement.
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